Monday, 16 May 2011

we ARE handsome

Literally like Mary Katrantzou bikinis. But not MK. We Are Handsome.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

All men R pigs?

Ruven Afandor again!

Ruven Afandor

Well what an incredible photographer Ruven Afandor is. Really now have you ever seen anything quite like it? Admittedly he has the resources that little people like us from the prairy(or not from the prairy I'm just thinking of my roots) do not have, but if it's possible to emulate and politely immitate Afandor's work then I absolutely must say that yo' gotta. I'm a bit tired to talk about it all right now but every image speaks for itself. The hair the hair the hair. The make up! W O W

happy hearts - yellow

ruven afandor

i bought a liberty scarf (i didnt)

bleeping b*llocks!

oh karen♥

I heart Milton Glaser


Girl Meets Dress.................heaven

can you think of anything better than borrowing a beautiful dress / bag / accessories for a few nights so you dont have to sod about wasting money on buying a 7 thousand pound dress that you're only going to wear once.....................................
I present you ^^^^^^^^^^^******
not sure you can borrow dior haute couture but oh well its still glorious

HGV licence пожалуйста

(always say HGV in german letters - oh well dunno why) ....................................really wanna drive a lorry!

someone take me to the f*cking missoni hotel in scotland already

Right, so what’s lovely about this image is how well it all ties together. As we all know Missoni’s fashion house is known for its outrageously bold and clashing prints – Sounds hideous even in a fashion context, let alone interiors – but there is something about it that just works so beautifully well. Personally I think it takes the eye of a fashion designer to really know how to style a room, but as Tricia Guild says “I think that most people have more design sense than they’re given credit for.” Whether this is true or not I believe the person who styled this room hit the nail on the head with the rich purple and pink tones contrasting against the white wall. What’s wonderful is the almost confrontation the white has on the deep red-pink colour. This conflict between the two is softened with the flowers, which really take the edge off, and as it is make the whole room into one. The colours in the stripes of the bench seat all enhance the colours of the flowers in the wall, and the wall flowers are reproduced as carpets on the floor. The alteration in scale makes the flowers a real focal point and this image alone proves that repetition and scale variation has a great effect on an interior. Not only are the flowers reproduced on the floor and the walls but there is also a floor standing statue where they are collaged together to make more of a flat patterned image rather than separates. This once more is extremely clever because it brings a whole new dimension to the use of the flower. The panels in the wall leave a black line running vertically which flows through to the bench seat. This allows your eye to travel down the entire length of the room without any disjoint. The organic feel that the flowers create is translated into a smooth spherical coffee table with dots on it, which flatters the blossoms but contrasts nicely with the stripes. The legs of the bench all match a colour in the room and the cushions vary once more on the scale of the stripes but also differ in size themselves. Not only do the flower carpets on the floor mirror the wall but the floor itself is a gloss material which casts back the light and creates a reflection of all its surroundings making everything tie into one with lines from the seat almost flowing through the flowers on the floor. The polished effect also elongates the chair legs making them seem even more like the striped seat itself creating yet another adaptation on the stripes. All in all the room is ingenious and at a glance you can absorb the entirety of the space due to its artful and well thought out arrangement and material use.

just trying out a bit of interiors chat you see
and also i hate this font but its a Missoni font isnt it so it suits 


oracle cat flap

f*cking want a delta nu ring

anyone ever watched legally blonde and then really wanted the ring ? i bet

snaps for delta nu

folly hulton holly fulton

gonna write about this in a bit i imagine just getting myself started with some pixxxxxxx