Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I feel like writing

and if there's someone to write it, there's someone to read it.

I don't know actually what i intend for this feral blog post to be about but perhaps i should start with the fact that i have sort of successfully survived first year of uni. fuck me, how time has flown. it feels like only yesterday that i was on holiday skiing, falling in love, and preparing myself for my interview that was to happen literally moments after my flight landed and hell broke lose. but here i am lying in my white metal bed with fairy lights all round, a total of 15 cushions and one rather proud teddy bear named Angus... writing to you, whoever the fuck you are, or aren't.. (there might be no one ever to read this ever..) TO SAY - I won. I did a year at LCF. and suprisingly to most- i hated every fucking second of it. I darent start slagging it off too much because can you imagine if my dreams of being a writer came true and poor little london college of fashion read me slating them and got offended and out right pissed off. I think id be offended if i was them, seeing as my opinion on their teaching is clearly and almost certainly held in high esteem.

so i did that. and suddenly this giant metaphorical boulder just hit me in the face and was like shagging christ ted, wheres your diary? you havnt written in that in forever. Since you moved home even. Where is the little bastard? im going to have to hunt for that little shit piece otherwise i'll end up writing more and more turd on here and people will start to question my thought processes.

Ive decided i dont want to go to university any more. i mean i probably wont drop out because then what the fuck would i do, but the fact of the matter is i just dont like it, i dont like all the computer stuff we have to do, i certainly dont like photoshop, illustrator, graphics pad, draw me if you can work out how to even find a toolbar, i look like lines on white, and all the other fucking horrible HORRIBLE programs they try to make you use. im not cut out for that shit. im all about the straight forward word document. the odd tweet. the casual facebook stalk. definitely more than the odd tweet actually. and then you know - photo booth. i like to video myself singing sometimes to see if im good and if i could be a popstar or not. in fact one time actually my boyfriend and his best friend where bullying me for a while about having a lazy eye so i videoed myself reading into the camera to see if it was true. it was true. ive got a sort of nice little blink action going on when i read. (why did i just tell my blog that? beeeping bollocks.)

Maybe this should have a point rather than a clear ventilation operation.

I found these really awesome leggings by an Australian make called Black Milk.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow but for now i simply must go to sleep and dream about stroking baby snow leopards.