Monday, 28 February 2011

MAGZ wot i like

I'm going to pretend Tatler, Elle, Vogue, major fashion magazines etc. don’t exist. 

So; my number one favourite magazine is Grazia. I'm at college doing a foundation year majoring in Fashion so therefore I am a fashion designer. I can put pen to paper just as well as any other human being so therefore I feel my opinion here is most certainly valid. I think Grazia gives buckets of direction and inspiration because it's got such a wide range of goodies inside it. Something which removes it from the fashion Goddess' such as Vogue, Elle and Tatler, although all three are probably just as inspiring,  is that it's a weekly magazine. And each week it never dissappoints. I think it has such a great mixture of world issues which every fashion designer should take an interest in and reflect their work upon every once in a while, current trends, highstreet and designer fashion, and what we, the people on the streets are wearing. My favourite page actually is without question the pictures of people who have been photographed on the street. Other than all that it has great competitions on the back page. 

My second choice would have to be the Net-a-porter online magazine. There is nothing better than embracing the online hype and therefore what better online glossy (but not literally) is there than net-a-porter. I live by the rule that if it can be found, sold, or potentially be seen on net-a-porter, its worth knowing about. Other than the fashion houses which are just too good to be sold on net-a-porter and quite honestly don’t need the extra outlet, net-a-porter's sells everyone worthy of our time and this reflects in the magazine. Even though it is online it still maintains the traits of a normal mag such as adverts but unlike the big fashion ones it isnt absolutely over flowing with countless ad campaigns.The layouts are fun and the magazine covers everything a fashion diva might want to know ranging from the top 10 key closet items to the A-Z of style. There have been a few times now where I have found myself blogging just about how inspiring a page on the magazine was. 

My third choice is Tank magazine. It's got those sort of pictures in it that you look at and just think- Why can't I take a photo like that? It’s a seasonal magazine coming out only 4 times a year and I believe it to be directional for a fashion designer because it shows fashion as an art. It's got humour and once read you genuinely feel fond of the magazine because of its quirky scene and  "articulate and original style". The articles in it are sometimes heart rendering and sometimes trivial but it just has that air of likeability to it which I think rubs off on the reader giving them the inspiration they need. I love anything that can talk about something miserable and find a cheery aspect to it which Tank does when it talks about art. It’s a truly inspirational magazine.


london fashion week anya hindmarch t-shirt


john galliano suspended from dior ? oh my, the world

this would look great with

a n y t h i n g .
honestly something like this would look great on a leather jacket, a denim jacket, a plain jumper. a tshirt, a dress. WHATever you feel like

let me show you what im talking about...

when it gets to thursday going to post the rest of the days of the week knickers yessssssssssssssssssss brotherrrrrrr

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


after prostitution monday follows fun time tuesday with the wearer of the knickers wanting to ride her bike ...................................

Sally Mann wows me

cutest satchel

Westminster asked me what two designers I thought were most influential. Shut up if you dont agree

Rolling in at number one is Erdem. I think the floral patterns are incredible and with dressing like a grandmother and buying everything from a charity shop being such a big hit in the fashion world at the moment, Erdem really hits the nail on the head with its antique blossoms creating a very modern look. I think Erdem's work is so influential because of its tailoring. The shapes the clothes create on the body are like armour. The flowers soften this protective effect but not enough to make the clothes seem puny, thus allowing them to maintain an air of authority and control over the fashion industry. For me the clothing takes the idea of 'girl power' to an entirely new level and provides a mould of its own within the fashion world. Erdem brings popular habits of the fashion business under its wing and gives them a new and fresh outlook, such as the use of bright colours and lace. Each collection is just as flattering as the last and makes use of a variety of textures and techniques such as pleating and contrasting colour silhouettes. An absolutely dominant fashion house.

The second designer that I believe to be the most influential is in fact a fashion house; Balmain. I think of Balmain as a rockstar's Chanel, which is probably why I love it so much. I first fell in love with Balmain's Michael Jackson inspired collection for SS09. I personally enjoy how they have taken a worldwide icon and made them the catalyst to the production of an entire collection of clothing. I think that’s what makes Balmain such an influential house. The current colour palate of red, black, grey and white encourages considerable wearability. A lot of designers create all these glorious clothes but fall down in my opinion at the last hurdle with details such as colour and texture, a sweeping statement, I know. But Balmain keeps alive collection after collection, these clothes which look so effortlessly cool, and dirty yet charming. Other than that what other fashion house could bring back the peddle pusher with such glamour like Balmain. Hello retain and revive!


Monday, 7 February 2011

valentines day is in a matter of minutes really...

...and I would love this. It's a mere £175 which really is only like nothing ?


monday is village bicycle day . by no means is this a reflection on amy, she is of course the absolute opposite - a complete nun . but i've got magic powers so i hate to think what might have happened to her since the day we took these photos ..uhoh

ive been slacking

 on my own bloody blog . appalling . i post more on the foundation blog than this one . so this week i shall blog the days of the week knickers for each day of the week along with their look book and explanation starting from THE NEXT POST !


the most gorgeous best friend

Here she is starring proudly at the days of the week knickers I made ..cheeky bitch is looking at them like she made them .. i'd like to clarify that i did once more. anyway she was the best model.the end

an example portfolio nice


oh my god i love erdem so much im desperately trying to sort out work experience at the moment to fill my days while my handsome man goes away for two entire months and I think that if i could seal some sort of deal with Erdem i would be endlessly and undoubtedly happy and elated and delighted.

heres some of their older but gorgeous armour which i have carefully selected