Tuesday, 25 January 2011

eating my crusts to make my hair longer

or is it curly ? oh well . im not actually eating any crusts anyway because i was only trying to be witty and i dont like crusts. what i do like though are these hair styles . very "bonny" as my grandmother would/might say . ( i say might because she might not think these girls are "bonny"at all, and if she did she might actually say any other adjective other than "bonny" anyway or something. in fact she might look at the first girl and say she looks like a trout and tell me that the second girl should brush her hair. but really i couldnt say unless i asked her. i might ask her. or i would. slash might)

this opened today

this is the coolest website ive come across in a while.



its simply wonderful and also very simple. basically jjust a website about a few select people in the fashion industry, giving you a bit of information on them and then a sh*t load of pictures of their belongings. sounds really weird doesnt it? but i promise it isnt - its just one of those aesthetically pleasing things. the photographs are that type of photo where you look at them and think "why cant i take pictures like that?" do you know what i mean? i think you know what i mean. you SHOULD
know.ohhh i just keep flicking back and looking at them while im writing this and the lighting and everything is just so pretty.! pretty! haa
just a picture to tempt you to look
this is me

i am mulberry queen

im not a mulberry queen dont be ridiculous ! im just ill and bored and browsing the internet, and just had to admire this image. its literally just the home page of the website . it flicks between this picture aand this one
and this is the most boring blog post ive ever done .
good day

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

OH sweet mother of God


This is the link. I am giving you THE link to the most unbelievable item ive found in the most unsuspecting place. Its £40 can you believe, and if you dont know the whole bondage scene first of all get your head out of the clouds cos it certainly exists amongst the less tame of our human race, and secondly feast your eyes on this.

This is Topshop ? Can you even belive your eyes. They call it a skinny leather harness. A harness? A harness for what exactly. Thank f*ck there isn't a look book to accompany this item cos christ alone knows what the photographs would be like. I would personally like to remind Topshop that people as young as 12 buy clothes from their shop, and questions are going to be asked about this little nugget. 

The answers are not something my delicate ears want to hear.

OH AND! I'ts out of stock.

mario is and always will be the best


the next public holiday is...

Valentines day ? I think . so this is what i would like
for valentines.
if you're my boyfriend (George Emery) then I would like these .
If you're a secret admirer - then I would like these.
If you;re my Mother (Kim LB) I would like these and
if you're just a friendly person - I would also like these.

the most disgusting cream ive ever seen

Yes this is an eye cream and yes it is black . yes i think thats revolting and yes i would not buy it if my life depended on it. i cant help but think it would be like rubbing caviar all over your face and its made of some sort of algae which just screams fish eggs and ponds to me. revolting. other than the fact that it looks, sounds and i can only imagine smells f*cking rank (probably not that rank though - it is Givenchy after all so it would hopefully smell like pretty flowers and perfume, and not sperm and black gunk), its £226 and can only be bought in Harrods. i suppose if youre desperate for young eyes then maybe you could give it a go and let me know what its like.. but it probably wont work cos the fact of the matter is if your eyes are going to get old; no amount of algae is bringing that youth back