Friday, 26 November 2010

Thursday, 25 November 2010

I strongly hate Tk Maxx.

Went into TK f*cking Maxx yesterday or some other day this week and the sale rail had mimi holliday bras on it for £1. One f*cking pound. And they are normally alot (£40-millions). And none of them were my size and I felt disgusted and upset for Mimi Holliday because if I was them I would be so upset that my bras were now being sold in some sh*tty shop for 100 sh*tty pence. On the other hand big up if you have size 30B bras cos you woulda been in the money. I almost bought all the bras up just to give them a safe home, but I decided to save my dollar. Its crimbo in ONE MONTH.


Carine Gilson

Yes yes, 'Lingerie Couture' if ever there was. I'm sure alot of people know who this bird is, but I didnt, quite simply until I looked at lingerie on Net-a-porter, went to subtitle Bras, then set price from high to low, and took a glance at the first avaliable product. There stood was two of Carine Gilson's bras. Now Net-a-porter only sell 3 items from her, two luxury brassieres and one classified 'basic', but coming in still at a whopping £245 it really can't be that adequate. Enough of money. The cost is irrelevant as although I found Gilson and fell for Gilson when I purposely set out to look for what I can only call 'The most expensive bra, ever' I fell in love with her work and looked into it in much more detail. On NAP (which is what I'm going to refer to Net-a-porter as because I'm getting very lazy and its 9:54pm so I should probably be getting some beauty sleep now). 

So yes, on NAP they sell a Gilson bra in the most stunning orange I have ever seen. I can only liken it to images I have seen of the sunset in safari photos, and it's just remarkable and would look angelic on both pale or very tanned skin. What is more interesting about it though is the shape. Not your ordinary orange bra, no no. It's more of a half cup shelf. There is a horizontal line running across at about nips' height and then lace above and it creates such a f*cking jaw f*cking dropping neck line that makes you think 'yes thats why its this colour, it really is a cracking sun set in this bra'. Quite perverted, but I think that lingerie is not actually always about someone seeing you wearing it. In fact if it was I think my mother would be worried about how much I love underwear, because really it's just about the plain f*cking beauty of the product and not totally the beauty it creates when on. I think I'm contradicting myself more than is possible right now, but really. This bra. Un shagging real. I'm sorry I've mainly spoken about one bra but I really am in awe of it. On other notes there are some other beautiful items, particularly in her latest collection which really follows the current trends in fashion that I like to refer to as the 'Poo colours', (you know; browns, mustards, pooey colours indeed) with a hundred differnt styles ranging from demi-cups to triangle bits and all sorts. (on the Gilson website if one looks at winter 08-09 one can see the orange beauty bra also comes in a stunning red. oh it just gets better.)

Danielle Scutt (no mate, not Scott)
A new fave of mine.. (not that she is exactly a new designer but new-ish compared to say Chanel, and new in line in my list of loves). Anyways..... Very innovative. Very geometric come messy infusion. Very exciting. Very expensive. Very highly saught after, showcasing in London Fashion Week and creating some of the most incredible collections I've set my eyes on in a while. A/W 2010's collection, so the most recent, enhances shoulders and just generally the upper body. The clothes create the much desired look by probably every woman in the world (that has any idea about anything), where spindly legs emerge from a large, oversized, jacket/coat/mohair cape that literally screams 'I'm so f*cking warm right now', and pretty much just intensifies the models legs making them look like a bloody gorgeous version of the grasshopper from james and the giant peach. Her first 2008 collection is very lingerie-esque (if that even is a word) and displays a bunch of heavenly stuff that you just wouldn't know whether to categorize as couture or undergarments. I love that! The confusion is incredible, it's undoubtedly sexy, and I would wear all of it on every occasion. Below is a picture of some of her work, I'm an idiot and I dont know what collection it's from, nor do I really care. All i know is I simply love the extended length- above the knee look, absolutely lick all of the necklines, all of the shapes, and find the contrast of eg: a simple grey cashmere sweater with a huge floaty skirt fucking beautiful.
Danielle Scutt is fabulous.

cute mugs sister

"heyyy youuuuu, cuuuuteeee mugssss" ...... these are home made mugs . summink like 60p from sainos and then scrap sticker paper. L is for Lottie and T of course for Ted, so cheap and shoo shweeet. christmas presents for next to nothing?? i think , yes. stingey so and so
Mother Superior
Sienna Miller.

I wish i had your swagger.
Probably you need this book.
(What better inspiration is there than from an actual designer's sketch book? The real marvelous thing about it is that some of the pages they show aren't that brilliant, proving there is hope for us all. If you're interested in Karl Lagerfeld, Matthew Williamson, Dries van Noten, John Galliano, Richard Nicoll, and a load of other cracking men and women then this absolutely is just the best christmas present you could ask for. And it's soo f*cking budget on amazon.)

Sadly I heard about this on the radio and didn't get to see it in real life, but regardless, I think it looks incredible and thought I would share it as a very light hearted first ever blog post. How nice.