Monday, 16 April 2012

I wrote this last term. Rent is due again TODAY

Safe paraphernalia. It's been a while. I've been a lazy little fucker and not written anything great in a long bloody time but I'm getting my arse into gear, putting my left foot forward (but which one is that?) and gonna start writing away like a busy happy elf... . .. . . .The great thing about that is- I'm always having these glorious little self analysis sessions in which I make outlandish promises to be good and write lots, but trust me, my diary (di, with a heart over the 'i') and i both know these big promises are usually the shipwrecks of my life and ordinarily they sink. Let's make it happen. Ted gets back on track ahoy. So I'm in love, with a boy, he's well nice. And im finally at university studying lingerie which is really wonderful and last night I made a sample bra cup out of wax cotton which was kindly donated by said boy in the form of an old barbour . Lovely. It looks pretty trendy -if I didn't make it genuinely a thousand sizes to big for my own obviously terribly voluptuous knockers then I'd definitely tit tape the waxy two piece cup (with decorative purposely jagged frill) right up . It won't fit though so I won't. Did you know I'm writing this on the tube! That means no access to a thesaurus which is my favorite book in the world- might have to invest in a really proper cute leather bound one maybe this is a potential gift idea for those that love me . (if any do) it smells particularly like fart on the tube this morning.. this eggy odour isn't mice, and by mice I mean nice. . And by nice I really mean the smell here is simply nose melting I think the fumes are going to kill me . Hello its Monday, it's 10.23am and it smells. This train is ready to depart .. Thank holy Mary Mather of god I can get off. So some more about my project right now. I began my treturus journey and I can't spell 'treturus' phonetically it's tret chur usz but that's not helping me a great deal at a few galleries and places of general public interest. I'm just grabbing a coffee with Bronte so I'll write more when I'm not otherwise engaged doing other things. I just remembered I need to pay my rent.

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